About us

Try scholarship is a growing largest opportunity information platform to connect young and talented youths across the globe. Try scholarship strives relentlessly to make the opportunity information instantaneous accessible to youths for free. Try scholarship makes sure the information or Scholarship, Award, Grant, and Fellowship news and educational contents are available is legit and up to date. Staying aligned, try scholarship always come up and deliver high end quality, value additive educational capacity enabling materials. The aim is to pass on valuable educational information to young converting them into impactful success. Try scholarship presents all the up to dated information for opportunity seekers and opportunity providers to create values through sharing information.

Try scholarship firmly believes “Access to Information” is explicitly a basic right rather than privileges. There has been exponential development of Information Communication Technology, but despite this there lies deficit in the level of awareness and readily access to varied opportunity information assisting to youth lift up. As a matter of fact, umpteen number youth are of dropping out from the key component for personal development, international appearance, maximize performance training, and of course global employability .Try scholarship tries to surface all productive information to prop up awareness through sharing free and equal access irrespective of geographical physical location. Try scholarship’s prime aim is to deliver below benefits.

  1. Free access to local and international opportunity information.
  2. Get connected/in touch with successful local and global professionals.
  3. Connect the opportunity to push the right career.
  4. Instantaneous access to educational resources and helpful information.
  5. Spread your success stories with the thousands.

The essence of Try scholarship is youths like passionate, productive, proactive and want to rise to the opportunity. Try Scholarship is passionate and indebted to you to be a touch point of brand-new journey. Support Try Scholarship to sprout by spreading in your social, professional and personal networks!